Are you looking to build your own home?


Here, at Shephard Building Services, we know the incredible value of building your own home with builders you can trust to listen to you and have a truly open dialogue. That’s why, if you’re looking to build your own home in Loughborough or Leicestershire we can help! There’s no reason you should have to struggle to get exactly what you want. When it comes to building your new home, it should be a hassle free and enjoyable process.

Reasons to build your own house

Still unsure whether a new build is for you? Well, have a read of our reasons to build your own house and discover exactly why it’s such a solid investment in your future.

1. Get much more house for your money

For reasons such as cheaper materials, more efficient project costing and being in complete control of your build from beginning to end mean that savings can be translated into a better designed home. For example, if you save 4% through smarter project planning that can easily translate into a walk in wardrobe in the master bedroom! Again, a good deal on lumber might mean marble worktops in your kitchen. Regardless of where the savings come from, they can directly result in more home for you money.

2. New builds give you more

A new build is more often than not more innovatively designed, larger, more energy efficient and requiring much less maintenance than a house built say 10/20 years ago. It means you have more space, better safety features and ultimately a house that you feel completely at home in.

3. Beat high house prices

House prices have been on the up for a while now and show no signs of slowing down. Thankfully, there’s a way around them. With a new build you can be assured you’re making a watertight investment. Owning your own home is proven to be one of the most solid investments you can make in today’s economy. If you want to secure future financial stability, a new build is definitely a good way to go.

How Shephard Building Services can help

No matter if your dream home is a contemporary design or more traditional we can draw on years of professional expertise in all areas of construction to give you the home you have always dreamed of. To start we like to take a step back, listen closely to your needs wants and desires, and work closely with you to realise the potential of the living space on offer.

We make sure the potential of the space is realised as well as the end result being one you’re totally happy with. What’s undeniable, is our commitment to quality customer service, good health and safety practises and top quality workmanship. Also, make sure you don’t forget the deep knowledge of the industry we bring to the table. Each and every new build we take on is a bespoke construction with the clients’ wishes at the forefront of our minds.

It’s your location, your build, your home.

Contact us with your plans!

If you’re keen to get started on your new build in Loughborough or Leicestershire, don’t hesitate to contact us with your plans. We’d love to begin working closely with you to realise the home of your dreams.