New Build

Project Type: New Build

This time the team travelled to Coalville, with the task of creating a brand new home!

Arriving at the project site a 1960’s bungalow stood in front of us. We were given the go ahead to remove the out of place structure to start the build from scratch. The purpose of demolishing the bungalow was to make room for a 5 bedroom detached family home.

With New Builds attracting 0% VAT compared to the standard 20% VAT on all other building projects it makes it a more attractive investment. The customer provided us with architect drawings/structural engineer design as well as building control.

However, we prefer to organise these elements as it saves time and money and we can offer more options regarding the design and construction methods. We can also provide a warranty for the completed house which is vital for securing a mortgage on the property itself.

Never the less we completed the build following the set blueprints and with complete customer satisfaction. Our client wanted to use this project as an investment and was extremely happy with our work and the project only took 12 months to complete!