Project Type: Extension

This Project took place in the village of Quorn, with the aim of creating an extension whilst also completing an internal remodelling. The remodelling included replacing their old kitchen with a more modern, open plan area that the family could enjoy. In addition the customer asked if we could construct a new patio, and that’s just what we did!

The customer gave us some bullet points on what their dream house looked like and we made that dream a reality. We based the project around the idea of an open plan way of living. We also included Bi folding doors to bring the beautiful outside into the house, adding another dimension to the project.

Originally the house was constructed into an ‘L’ shape at the rear which created a ‘dead space’. It minimalised the effect of the garden as well as taking away space that could be used for much much more.

With all this in mind we worked with our architect to design an extension that would fit into the corner of the ‘L’ shape in order to utilise the wasted space and provide some much needed extra space for the family.